Update:  With thanks to @bxmx it looks like “I’ll” be sticking around a little longer! 

Change – for the most part I love it.  Yet there are some things that just become comfortable and familiar.

And so it is that this was bound to happen.

“You totally need a new pic :P”

Yes, that’s the direct message I received via Twitter tonight.  I laughed, as it’s likely true.  I see those I follow changing their pics based on the season, their travels, a cause or campaign.  Me, I stick with my hand drawn classic.  It’s not flashy, it doesn’t render well and you can’t recognize me when you see me in person.

With a new year approaching perhaps it is time.  Before doing that though, I thought I’d like to at least share my attachment before the chorus of “yes, please change it” grows louder.

Web 2.0 in San Francisco last March drove me onto Twitter and I haven’t looked back since.  One of the challenges when I set up my profile was my pic.  Fortunately, Nancy Duarte’s “Tools for Visual Storytelling” session provided the answer.

During the workshop, we were asked to turn to, and draw a sketch of the person next to us.  My Twitter pic is the excellent 8 second result of the work of the person beside me.  I snapped a pic,   posted it and have comfortably settled into my hand drawn @mjmclean ever since.  It resembles my, speaks to my online personality (I like a little mystery!) and reminds me every day about the value of personal connections.

Now knowing this, do I change?  I know looking at the same pic, even washed out, could be frustrating so I’m nothing if not accommodating! ;)



I vowed not to be delinquent in writing but hope to be excused as I’ve been consumed by Web 2.0 Expo connections where my 10 year journey became clear in 10 days.

Less is more was the theme and while I didn’t get to experience all San Francisco has offer, I’m heading to the airport fulfilled, inspired, and surprisingly energized after numerous amazing #sftweetup.

What started with storytelling and ended with passion will be digested on the flight home. There’s been so much to process I’m thinking in tags. Goto, Cale, cowbells, mission, flow, context, trust, transparency, release, knowledge, support…the list goes on.

Who brought it all together for me, 72 year old legend J.J. Cale – talk about passion and connection.

I’ll be back to wrap up what’s been an amazing week.