Update:  With thanks to @bxmx it looks like “I’ll” be sticking around a little longer! 

Change – for the most part I love it.  Yet there are some things that just become comfortable and familiar.

And so it is that this was bound to happen.

“You totally need a new pic :P”

Yes, that’s the direct message I received via Twitter tonight.  I laughed, as it’s likely true.  I see those I follow changing their pics based on the season, their travels, a cause or campaign.  Me, I stick with my hand drawn classic.  It’s not flashy, it doesn’t render well and you can’t recognize me when you see me in person.

With a new year approaching perhaps it is time.  Before doing that though, I thought I’d like to at least share my attachment before the chorus of “yes, please change it” grows louder.

Web 2.0 in San Francisco last March drove me onto Twitter and I haven’t looked back since.  One of the challenges when I set up my profile was my pic.  Fortunately, Nancy Duarte’s “Tools for Visual Storytelling” session provided the answer.

During the workshop, we were asked to turn to, and draw a sketch of the person next to us.  My Twitter pic is the excellent 8 second result of the work of the person beside me.  I snapped a pic,   posted it and have comfortably settled into my hand drawn @mjmclean ever since.  It resembles my, speaks to my online personality (I like a little mystery!) and reminds me every day about the value of personal connections.

Now knowing this, do I change?  I know looking at the same pic, even washed out, could be frustrating so I’m nothing if not accommodating! ;)



A quick thought in too many characters.

Talk about utility.

@mjmclean gcconnex is a tbs lead initiative that is now in the testing phase. I think it has loads of potential. Can discuss at pint20
– @peterdcown 19:28

Trying to navigate OGD org charts, GEDS,  or some bizarre, jagged information chain to get that concise, informative and actionable a response could, in most cases, be taxing.

Coming next: And I work on the inside, or do I?


Twitter – often and easily dismissed  because of the question “What are you doing?”   When I was first encouraged to dabble with Twitter,  that question alone created a sense of skepticism as it immediately conjured thoughts of the mundane and idle.

What could I be doing?  A question, that if more people wondered, asked and answered, would unleash a tremendous energy.

And there it was, the makings of what was sure to be a thoughtful discussion piece.  A ‘save draft’ and quick visit to tweetdeck later and there he was, Brian Solis.

“What inspires you?” or “What did you learn today?”  Those two questions provide the building blocks for one that keeps my interest and energy levels high.  What could I be doing?

Now, if only that initial push to adopt twitter had been an introduction to enriched media, a single tool that easily provides a wealth of information through a vast network of like minds and interest.  The activity is social, the result is an enriched exchange.

  • Can’t attend a conference?  Follow it and create networks/followers.
  • At a conference?  Follow it and meet your networks.
  • Responsible for a key file, policy or activity?  Follow it and connect or correct.
  • In another city? Spontaneous gatherings.
  • Contacts in your city?  Case in point –  #pint2.0 .

The last is certainly not the first gathering of like minds, over beer no less.   It’s just that much easier and to find those (also in the gov’t) with whom you should work more,  meet, raise a glass, and plot.   That’s uber-local.

For those of you who feel you have unharnessed potential to do more than that which you should be doing, or are struggling with how to get started,  it was only a matter of time before something came along that just made it too easy.

Oh, and there’s no harm in telling people what you’re drinking once you’ve gone and done it!