Much being processed today on several fronts – all interconnected. Within 15 min this morning I read about the Liberals once again missing the mark on the Web front only to be interrupted by a television interview about the new and interactive features of the Afghanistan Website designed to better explain and connect the mission to Canadians.

After topping off my coffee I topped off the morning reading Peter Smith’s great post on Government Web Presences. And so, I went from a shoulder shrug, a sigh, to a pat on the back! I wholeheartedly agree with Peter’s comments in the various approaches typically taken when developing Gov Web sites. Slowly but surely, they have evolve,  for the better in one way or another. For years I dealt with managing a presence structured based on internal org charts, senior management’s likes or dislikes, or their colleagues perceived successes.

Peter nailed it – value measurement! Why? I feel I can now justify almost all work my team does, activities we undertake, resources I request based on that beloved measurement.  By leveraging numerous tools and approaches; usability, statistics, client surveys, SEO etc., a more systematic and client driven Web presence is resulting.  You did well Nomad!

Fortunately, measurement, unlike social media and other terms is something that speaks to senior management.

Next challenge, having a senior manager dedicated to online communications so the song and dance can end!  More to come on that….