‘Twas a few nights before holidays when I awoke, unable to sleep in the wee hours.  After much tossing and coaxing I managed to doze off again and t was during those briefest of deep sleep moments that this dream came to me….
There I was, speaking at two events.  Much of the audience was the same for both which led to me being confused about having to be in two different locations.  Doing my best Alice impression I crawled through a small door above the floor in order to get to one of the venues.  The other?  Well, I seem to recall a hot-air balloon.  I had two pair of shoes with me and managed to keep only half of each.   My speaking notes, which I never did get to, covered topics such as web governance, storytelling, multilingual content strategy, opengov, gov20, engagement and others I can’t recall.  I briefly interviewed SXSW sponsors before getting onto a boat for the shortest of trips when I then;  jumped off seven feet short of the dock, waded to shore, climbed a mud embankment to reach the road, paid a girl $4 to find my watch, got into the front seat of a stretch limo and drove myself home…I think….
My blogging absence alone has led to sleepless moments….but this? 
I’ll happily leave the dream analysis to the pros but my own is this…my online odyssey has taken me down so many unexpected and fascinating paths over the last couple of years that I’m now grappling with my own place in it and how my job can, or should adjust.  The accumulation of partial blog drafts attests to that, something I will rectify!  I will continue encourage “scope creep” in my job description as my mind expands.
And now,  I look forward to returning here and sharing my views from more of those paths and hearing from those who have journeyed along with me or are on an odyssey of their own.
With that, I will assume, or at least hope, that mine isn’t the only such fractured, frenzied dream….right? ;)