I vowed not to be delinquent in writing but hope to be excused as I’ve been consumed by Web 2.0 Expo connections where my 10 year journey became clear in 10 days.

Less is more was the theme and while I didn’t get to experience all San Francisco has offer, I’m heading to the airport fulfilled, inspired, and surprisingly energized after numerous amazing #sftweetup.

What started with storytelling and ended with passion will be digested on the flight home. There’s been so much to process I’m thinking in tags. Goto, Cale, cowbells, mission, flow, context, trust, transparency, release, knowledge, support…the list goes on.

Who brought it all together for me, 72 year old legend J.J. Cale – talk about passion and connection.

I’ll be back to wrap up what’s been an amazing week.



Web 2.0 Expo San Francisco 2009