The first 10 years of my online journey are behind me, the majority of which I’ve spent managing online communications in the Government of Canada.

Is this the best way to become a ‘web expert’ or educated in a dynamic, evolving network? I could argue yes, and will likely tell you no ;)  What I will tell you is that the last decade has afforded me a wealth of opportunities and challenges and I am now armed and filled with an ongoing desire to keep pushing for progress.  Governments are catching on and for those of us working online, it’s time to manage up and move forward.

The web is more than sites now.  The social web has expanded as has my understanding and recognition of possibilities.  From web 1.0 to Gov2.0 and digital diplomacy, there will be no end to the avenues to be explored.

My journey was self-directed and is now community driven. 

Strangers. . .who are you? and where from?
What brings you here by sea ways- a fair traffic?
Book 9, The Odyssey



5 Responses to “A little about me”

  1. Peter Says:

    Welcome to the social web Martha, have fun & keep up the good #gov2.0 fight!

  2. Holger Says:

    Hope to meet you at #w2e (I can’t DM you at Twitter)

  3. Hey Martha,
    I’d like to forward an invite to you regarding a government bloggers event on October 5. Can you send me your email?
    Denise Eisner
    Consultant, Web Analytics Practitioner

  4. Hi Martha, love your passionately committed point of view, gently laced with whimsical irony (thx @lovisatalks). Look forward to discussions everywhere and hopefully meeting you in the MLDL ( Cheers- Chris

  5. Janet Vitale Says:

    Did you ever live in Detroit? Have friends call you Marty? Your mom named Dorothy? Janet Vitale

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