New approaches for Web management in the Government

I’m off to the Web 2.o Expo in San Francisco today. I’ve been trying to get to this for a few years and it seems like timing is right with thoughts of government web agencies dancing in my head.

The landscape today enables interactions that were not possible even two years ago….The web as a platform has shown us a new direction. Now is the time to answer the call and make its principles real in your organization, whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a brand new startup. These are the times when the most interesting things will happen.
– Web 2.0 Expo

Indeed these are the times. While it shouldn’t be perceived as a revolution, it will take something of a counter culture building within and across departments for the government to embrace the vast possibilities available to better engage with citizens. Improving services, clarifying or developing policy, and communicating initiatives and successes, it’s never been easier.  

The upcoming Government 2.o Summit and recent #Gov2.oCamp (the Dirctor of was active on Twitter) coupled with the push of Obama’s administration to secure and leverage tools for the government to make some forward leaps are paving the way for those of us working in Ottawa.

Changing traditional approaches and cultures in government isn’t what’s needed.  Bringing about recognition that a new (to government) culture exists and that specialized, active players need to be the ones to lead it is a key next step for Web managers.  Change our own branches or departments or come together and leverage our collective intelligence, networks and expertise to elevate the Web across the board.

This week’s going to feed the fires!  More to come from the Expo….